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Case Study CipherTrace

Certified Hubspot Partner Agency

CipherTrace is an Enterprise SaaS Company based in San Francisco.

Ciphertrace provides Anti Money Laundering (AML) analytics tools for public sector clients accross the world.

The Challenge

Ciphertrace had a problem whereby the sales team were picking and choosing which leads to focus on.

Leads were getting wasted because some leads were not been followed up with.

The company did not have a Sales Automation process.

The Solution

We worked with the team at CipherTrace to define a Sales Automation process to send leads to the right salespeople.

Leads were mapped based on geography, account type and many more.

Technologies used

Salesforce, Hubspot Sales Enterprise, Hubspot Marketing Pro & Hubspot CRM

The Benefits

Increase in Sales accountability & productivity.

A decrease in the Sales cycle.

Better reporting for Sales & Marketing

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